Friday, April 13, 2012

Birthday Overview

So my daughter has been 4 years old for a week and a half. 

D turning 4 was very hard on me.  I was okay with her being an infant and a toddler, but now at 4 she is a preschooler.  She isn't little anymore...not that she ever was "little" for her age. 

On her actual birthday, she was so pleased to go to schooldaycare and have a special day with everyone paying attention to her.  She got to take in birthday treats.  I visited her at lunch.  And then after school, she got to pick the restaurant for dinner and open presents.

One of her favorite things to do is play dress up bride at school so, we got her an outfit for at home too.  She also got some room sets for her doll house, some books and movies and a bride and groom Barbie/Tangled set.

It was a nice birthday with just the three of us.

On Saturday we celebrated with family and we went to Incredible Pizza, which is a pizza buffet with an arcade.  It is like a Chuck E Cheese for all ages.  It worked out great because both sides of our family could celebrate together while eating the foods they like and playing their favorite games.

D had a great time riding the rides and playing the games.  She even got her face painted.  It was a great time.

Spring is a busy time for birthdays.  Soon it will be my niece's birthday, then my brother's, then Grandma Lil's, then mine then my nephew's and that is skipping all my cousins with birthdays in May.  Tons of stuff coming up.


  1. And then the wedding and more birthdays.

  2. I just told Dan these new babies puts a strain on my budget alot like Christmas...four out of six grandchildren have April birthdays as well as his, my sister: Cheryl; friend Marylee etc... Betsey said it was out of their control! Not to mention D & Allison's! May is just as bad for birthday...doesn't anyone get born in like August? February???