Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baby Items

I'm making stuff for a baby.  Not my baby.  I don't want to give off the wrong impression, no babies for me.  My friend in Nashville had a baby last week.  Usually I am pretty good at planning ahead and making something before the birth of a friend or relative's baby, but not this time. 

So I hit Joann's (with my coupons) last Friday night.  I like to go out on Fridays, you know.  I had a crazy time.

I picked out some fabric. I am going to sew some books. Everyone loves books says the librarian!

One of the books is the alphabet and one is numbers.  Now I just have to get working on the cutting them out with batting and sewing them together.  Maybe this weekend......

I also got some blue cotton yarn. I watched the hockey playoff games and knit some bibs.

I love watching hockey and knitting, there is something so pure and wonderful about it.  Knitting for a wee baby makes it even better.

Hockey interlude: The Nashville Predators beat the Detroit Red Wings advancing to the next round in the playoffs.  Not a lot of people care about this, but I do and it is my blog.  Go Preds! 

Are you making anything?  Or better yet, have you bought stuff to make but haven't quite got around to making it yet? (This is me times one million.) Or even better still, do you like hockey?  I highly suggest combining the two.


  1. Boo! The Wings are out! That's ok. The Predators were hard to beat this year. Good luck out there! ;)

    1. Preds are amazing this year. Our goalie is awesome.

  2. Remember the counting book you made for Levi? Felt animals and such, pages on binder rings? That thing has held up to some serious wear and tear, and been through the hands of many children over these past years! :)

    1. I made that a long time ago. Maybe I should make another.