Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Someone like me?

I have been thinking about marriage a lot lately.  Mostly because I am finding many people my age are divorced and getting remarried.  People I knew in college or grad school who were happily married are now engaged to other people.  I guess you don't really advertise divorce on Facebook like you do an engagement. I wonder if any of these people thought I would be in the same boat as them; divorced before 30.

I married my high school sweetheart.  We started dating before the turn of the century in 1999.  We went to college together, had the same friends and experiences.  We married in 2005, the same summer many of my friends got married (all those marriages from that summer are happily intact I believe.)
  (Pardon the blurriness of this photo.  I took a picture of the wedding photo with my camera.  The real thing is so much better.)

For an outsider, my relationship with my husband may be strange.  We have very few things in common.  We like vastly different music.  I love to read, he doesn't. (It also makes me a book collector and he isn't)  I love to run, he doesn't.  He can sit and rock out child and comfort her with unending patience, I can't.  He loves chocolate, I don't.  I am more liberal in my theology and politics than him.  We have different standards on what needs to be done around the house and what constitutes clean.  I am more outgoing.  He is more tech savvy.   And the list could go on, but the main thing is that we love each other because we are different.  I don't think I could get along with a spouse that enjoyed all the same things I do.  If we both were runners, who would watch our daughter.  If we were both high-strung, who would calm a situation down. 

No, my relationship with my husband is not perfect, but it is good.  I look forward to many more years of goodness.  I wish everyone else the same in their relationships.

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