Monday, August 15, 2011

Grumpy to Happy!

Grumpy.  I have a tendency to be grumpy.  I was very grumpy with my reunion.  It may have been that I was not drinking or I did not stay late enough to have fun with others or maybe I really am just a grump.  When I was little my parents said I was ornery like Oscar the Grouch.  I don't think my husband would disagree now.


I got over my grumpiness with a stop at Target.  I love Target and I love back-to-school shopping.  I am not taking any classes and my child does not need school supplies but I still love to check out all that the back-to-school section has to offer.  I also love to see the kids fighting with their parents to get the cool supplies over the cheap supplies.

I did get two school supplies myself.  A composition notebook and a set of two Sharpie pens.  The composition notebooks were just so cute clean and cheap; I could not resist.  What I will use it for is still a mystery, but everyone needs a composition notebook, right?  My Sharpie pen has already made my work day much more enjoyable.  Have you ever tried a Sharpie pen?  They are so amazing.  I highly recommend them.

I am a bit of a pen lover.  I have two mugs on my desk serving as pencil holders (or pen holders in my case) because one is just not enough. 

I will take every free pen offered to me and I will purchase pens that I think are cool.  I especially like eco-pens and pens that are not of the black or blue ink variety.

I guess when I get grumpy, I just need to focus on something that makes me happy; like composition notebooks and Sharpie pens.

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