Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pinterest Smoothie

I tried another thing from Pinterest.  I am not sure where I am getting this creative energy.  Maybe it is sucking all my energy.  More likely, these are the simplest things I can thing of doing.  Simple is good (I have succumbed to pregnancy brain and can barely remember my name).

I found this pin:

It seemd easy and yummy. 0 Weight Watcher Points, not that I am counting.  The fetus wants food all the time.

I got the blender down from a mysterious cabinet behind the fridge (I had to move a bunch of stuff and stand on a chair!).  Apparently I hide all the miscellaneous small appliances there.  I also found the waffle maker and stick blender. (Pro tip: do not  put every small appliance on your wedding registry for you will get them all.)

In to the blender went the strawberries, bananas, ice and 7 up.  I tried to keep them in about equal portions.  I blended, tasted, and then added more banana.

 (Yes, that is a bread maker on the right...we love small appliances.)

I thought it was pretty tasty.  Something I will consider making again, maybe in summer when strawberries are actually in season around here.


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