Monday, February 4, 2013

Mystery Blanket

I finished something this weekend!  It is a fantastic crochet baby blanket, presumably for a baby boy.  It is not for me or my future family member, as I don't know the sex of this fetus until mid-March (if it cooperates).  But that is just means it gets to be a fantastic gift. I mean, who wouldn't want a handmade present.

You may be wondering why I haven't discussed this baby blanket before.  Baby blankets take hours and hours to make, as some point I should have mentioned that I am working on this project.  I could have told you all about the amazing progress I was making and how I've found energy to be crafty again (I wish).  

But, here is the best part, I didn't know about it.  A few weeks ago my mom found a bag with a nearly completed baby blanket in it. I vaguely remember working on the blanket many years ago (over ten?).  I don't know what would have caused me to abandon a 98% complete baby blanket.  I think I was making it for Project Linus. I have no idea about the pattern or the yarn used.  I don't even know what sized hook it was worked on.  All I know is that it needed the rest of the final row completed and then the ends sewed in. That's it!  So in under 10 minutes this weekend (during the Super Bowl) I made a baby blanket.

To finish the last row, I just had to look at the previous section to figure out what to do.  At first I did it wrong and forgot some chains between the single crochet and double crochets.  It is an easy mistake to make.  Yet, the chains create a much needed space to make the fan pattern, so I had to rip out and start the row again (that is why it nearly took 10 minutes, without the ripping-out it would have only been 5).  The repeat is easy and soothing.  It is the same thing over and over and over.  I love a good hypnotic pattern.  They are great for TV watching or child rearing because you can keep your spot when something exciting happens.  I really hope I can find the original pattern.  I really liked crocheting that last row.  If I can't find the original pattern, I probably could figure a pattern out, but, if I found the pattern, I wouldn't have to do math to figure out the chain and first row.  And not doing math is very good right now (I know I say it a lot, but the pregnancy brain really has me thinking slowly).

It is also fortuitous that I just happen to know someone about to have a baby boy. Someone who lives where it is cold and would need a nice warm blanket for a new baby boy, so it will soon be shipped off.

Farewell cute little blanket.

(ADDED NOTE: I found the pattern!!!! Sideways Shell baby Afghan by Donna Laing.  Yay no maths!!!)

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