Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Day

Tuesday was a snow day...after 9 am anyway.  That is when the college closed, after D and I had made our way through the snow and wind to get there by 7 am (near white out conditions and the snow plows came in right after I parked).  D was confused on why we went to school at all, I think we are all a bit confused on that one.  

I'm not sure on the accumulation   We got snow, then rain, then more snow.  Plus the temp was about  30-34 degrees so a lot melted into slush.  Boy, do we have slush.  It was the wind and the yucky roads that caused the snow day, not the amount of snow.

Not to let a good snow day go to waste with cleaning and chores, I settled down in the recliner, started a Harry Potter movie marathon and knit.

I started my Saroyan wrap during Thanksgiving break. (How I knit anything that weekend, I am not sure.  I just remember feeling so sick.  I am so glad I am over that stage of my pregnancy.) I had new determination to finish that thing.  It had been on the needles too long and I did finish it during Chamber of Secrets.

It still needs some serious blocking, but D decided to model it for me.

She's a natural.

The yarn is Malabrigo (100% Merino) color 176 Loro barranquero.  It was a joy to knit with.  I hope to use this yarn in many more future projects.  Maybe a nice cardigan for myself this fall?

I also knit two dishcloths, which D is claiming for her kitchen center.  She thinks everything is for her, poor only-child-syndromed girl.  A rude awakening is coming and she knows it, but I don't think she really comprehends.

Now I have to figure out what to make next.  Any suggestions?

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