Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just in Time

I finished the new niece's baby blanket just in time.  I spent Saturday morning and early afternoon with my mom going to resale shops all over the county.  I love resale shops.  It is like a treasure hunt, you never know what you are going to find, but when you find it, you know.  I got D a few dresses for summer and a present for the new niece.  In between stores, my mom drove and I crocheted.

Even after all the car crocheting, I still was not finished.  When my mom dropped me off, I still had the border to complete.  I was starting to panic, but then I found out we were not going to visit the wee babe until Sunday.  I happily finished the border and wrapped it up.

I did not get to crochet the lion hat as planned.  All my crochet hooks are missing.  I keep them all in a bright pink carrying case and that case has disappeared.  I can always find that bright pink case because it is bright pink.  I own nothing else bright pink.  It stands out.  I have had those crochet hooks since I learned to crochet 12-13 years ago.  I have made so many good things with those hooks.  I had a real relationship with them.  I guess I will just have to go to the craft store and buy a new set.  Then I can crochet that hat.

The blanket was a big hit on Sunday.

Look at all that hair on the new niece.  D didn't have that much hair until she was a toddler.

D is a proud cousin.

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