Monday, February 11, 2013

My Clumsy Life

I now realize I probably should have called my blog "My Clumsy Life" because that my be a better descriptor of my life. My life is clumsy is both definitions of the word: I lack dexterity grace and tact, and because of that (and other factors, like the craziness of my family) my life is often a bit unwieldy.  I just seems that whenever something is going long nicely, something crazy and unexpected happens.  It seems the more I try to be careful the more things fall apart.  It just seems to be the luck of my family.

Last week for the first time in my independent adult life, I had to drive myself (and my daughter) to the Emergency Room at 6:30 in the morning.  In my clumsiness, I cut open the back of my right hand on a chipped part of the mirror to my medicine cabinet.  I was reaching for my daughter's toothbrush.  Up until then, things were going relatively well for the morning routine (mornings are not D's strong suit). D and I were both dress and almost ready to go to school and work (ON TIME!), we just needed to brush our teeth, so I cut myself, badly.  After applying a Dora the Explorer band-aid and brushing our teeth, we set out, in the pouring rain, to the ER. (The husband was away on business otherwise I am sure he would have helped.)

D quite enjoyed the ER trip as my room had a TV and the Disney channel (we don't have cable). We were there just under 2 hours. With a newly stitched hand (3 stitches!!!), tetanus shot and antibiotics, we continued on our day. I dropped D off at day care and I went to work.  The typing and pain was too much and I went home at noon, but I feel good that I  made the effort to go to and stay at work for a few hours.

This little cut (about an inch) has ruled my life for the past few days.  I did knit a bit and read a bit, but mostly I tried to rest my hand and not get it wet. (Have you ever tried to not use your right hand or not get it wet?  It is a lot harder than expected.)  The best part of the weekend was that my sister and Mom came to visit and watch D so my husband and I could go on a date (first date in a long time, I can't remember the last one).

Us on our date...photographic evidence!  

You may be wondering if we have a new mirror/medicine cabinet.  We do not, but my husband put some epoxy on the chipped corner so it is no longer sharp and we started looking at replacements this weekend.  There are lots of choices and none of them are just right.  Plus my handyman is pretty busy with work this month so I am hoping for a replacement in March.

On the positive side, this blog will see some new handmade goodies this week (I hope, hope, hope).  My sister-in-law is in labor (or maybe she has delivered...I haven't heard yet!!! UPDATE: my niece was born this morning but no word on a name) and I realized last night I have not made any of the things I planned for my new niece!!! After a small panic attack, I have a  plan.  I think I can crochet at hat and a blanket by the weekend, right?

Happy birthday to my father-in-law and happy birth day to my new niece!


  1. Wow, how deep was that cut?! I have never thought of you as especially clumsy, so you must hide it well. Where did you go on your date? It looks like some sort of sports stadium, but I know that cannot be because it is the middle of February, and I can't think of any sports stadiums that would be open around here.

    1. I would say it was deep enough! Deep enough to get stitches.

      We went to the Civic Center to see comedian Jeff Dunham. Let's just say it was not my crowd, but it was nice to be out.

    2. And I am amazingly clumsy, especially at home. I am constantly dropping or breaking things or things are falling on me. I hit my head a lot (that explains a lot doesn't it?).