Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I'm back to being myself.  At least I hope/think I am.  I haven't felt nauseous in days and my cold is slowly dissipating.  I'm not too sleepy either.  Everything seems to be coming back to normal, which is about time.  I have been feeling "not-my-self" since before Thanksgiving.  It is good to have some energy back.  I am even going to the gym tonight!

How did I spend this new energy?  I super cleaned the kitchen.  I follow this wonderful blog called Decor and the Dog, written by a fabulous lady (also named Michelle).  She is married to one of the sons of a very good family friend.  I spend a lot of time with her brother in-law growing up.  A lot of time (school, church and soccer...every day I saw him).  This Michelle has an eye for decorating, very much unlike me, so I like to read what she has to say about her home (which is across the street from the town I grew up in) and of course her dog and the other wonderful things in her life.

Anyway, yesterday she posted tips on cleaning her kitchen and I thought, we Michelles need to stick together and somehow that inspired me to clean.  We also had a pretty big mess going in the kitchen and something sticky in the pantry.  That has all been corralled and I am quite pleased.

Now my kitchen is clean, but not very organized.  Still, I will take clean for now.  I can tackle inside the fridge and cabinets later.

Tonight I tackle the dinning room and maybe parts of the living room.  Beware dust bunnies of 713, I'm coming for you!

And for a reward, I will start knitting again.  It has been too long.

I started on this on Thanksgiving break and haven't touch it since.


Tonight I change that.

What are your plans?


  1. That is pretty. What is it going to be? I am in the process of organizing my work/life/work life. I have been very proud of my productivity this week. I used to never have a problem with procrastination, and then social media was invented, so I really needed to get a handle on it. It's amazing what you can do if you just sit down and work nonstop.

    1. It is a shawl or really right now half of a shawl. I don't use shawls though so I might sell it. Sitting down and working nonstop sounds like no fun, but you are right, you get tons done.