Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I have been consumed with watching the Olympics and knitting. I was blessed to have Thursday and Friday off from work because D's day care was closed for training.  That means I got to watch daytime Olympic coverage!!!  Oh the random sports I have been missing.  I think I am in love with water polo.  I would never want to play it (I don't float or tread water too well), but I love watching it. D is really getting in to the games too.  She says she wants to be a diver- not sure if platform or spring board, yet, and a volleyball player- inside not in the sand.

I am so close to finishing my Ravellenic Games cardigan.  Maybe I would have been done by now, but I had to work on some other projects too. (Yes, had too.)  I get a bit antsy when I only have one big project to work on .  I need other projects to keep me happy, too, so I made a few baby bibs and a hat.  Oh and I spun a bit too.  I have to keep the variety up.

I just started working on the second/final sleeve.

Just a few more inches to go.  I think I can have it all finished up by the weekend or at the very latest by closing ceremonies on Sunday.

I need a suggestion for buttons.  What do you think for buttons? Color? Shape? Size? I'm not sure.

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