Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not Too Matchy

Months ago I bought yarn to make D and myself matching cardigans.  Sounds cheesy doesn't it.  Well I am not making them too matchy, just a bit.  I am making the cardigans from the same pattern and the same yarn, but not the same color or, of course, size.  I am really trying to convince myself this is not cheesy like the picture I have of my mom, sister and I all wearing pastel kitty sweaters in the early '90s.

I am spending a lot of my time doing a bit of professional knitting, but I finished up some of those projects and could not start the next.  It was Sunday and the yarn I needed was at Hobby Lobby.  Why do I want to go to Hobby Lobby only on the day it is closed?

So, I decided to cast on Yoked Cardigan by Knitbot for my D.

I love this pattern because it works up so quickly and in a variety of sizes.  I could make as small as a 17" chest.

Here is mine:

You may remember when I made this late-June/early-July.  I was my first cardigan.  Really my first knit article article of clothing.

I don't have a picture of me wearing mine because I would have to have someone take my picture and I just never get around to asking and doing it.  I like getting my picture taken, but I end up taking most of the photos around here.

Here is D's so far.  I have only knit on it a few days.


I just have another inch or so in the body and then the sleeves.  This is a short/waist-length cardi with just-above-the-elbow sleeves. (Is there a technical name for that?)  

She seems to like it so far...

So how cheesy of an idea is this?


  1. I don't think it's cheesy. They're not the same color, and you're not going to wear them at the same time (not all the time, anyway). Also, this totally brought back memories of my own pastel kitty sweater.

  2. Michelle, I think they are called 3 quarters length sleeves or 3/4 sleeves. D will love it.

    1. She does love it. She thanked me for it last night and it isn't even done yet. I just had her try it on with one sleeve in-progress.

      I think they are more like 1/3 sleeves because 3/4 sleeves go below the elbow. 3/4 sleeves are my favorite because I never get full length sleeves long enough.