Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reading Drought

I seem to becoming out of a reading drought. I read 4 book in June, two in July and checking  my Goodreads account (very official method) this past weekend I discovered I have not finished a book in the month of August!!!

Seriously people.  I love reading.  What is so wrong that I have not finished any books and don't seem to realize it?

I decided that I had to finish at least one book this month.  So, I read all evening yesterday and finished The List by Siobhan Vivian.

This is the second book of Vivian's I have read and I really like both of them.  The first book I read was Not that Kind of Girl.

Vivian has a real aptitude for capturing the high school girl.  How mean and nice she can be.  How she struggles to find herself.  She is a force in realistic fiction.  

In The List, eight girl's lives are changed when "The List" is posted.  This list is a tradition and every fall it contains the name of the prettiest and the ugliest girl in each high school grade.  The story follows each of the girls on the list lives the week before the homecoming dance.  The writing is pure and powerful.  It makes me remember all the bad and good things I thought and did in high school.  How everyone make rash judgments.   How when you get some shallow thing you have been working for, you realize it was a bad goal all along. 

Great book.  4/5 stars.

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