Monday, August 20, 2012

Another New Year

Today marks the beginning of another new school year.  Being an academic librarian, my entire work life revolves around the school calendar.  Summer is a time for projects, the projects you have no time for during the school year.  The school year is for doing everything we can so that people have a positive experience at the library and get the information and space they need.  I am ready to switch over to the school year life.  Summer is nice, but it is the school year that I really thrive upon-seeing people, helping out, all the activities on campus.

Last week was "Celebration of Learning" when all the faculty comes back and we, as employees of ICC, have some staff development time and tons of meetings.  Usually this week exhausts me, but this year, something special happened, because instead of becoming over-tired, I became super energized.  I am so excited for this school year to start.  I can see ways ICC is making improvements all over campus.  I can see how the library is becoming a more prominent fixture on campus and in the minds of staff and faculty.    I see a great year ahead for all the committees I am on.  I see an amazing future for the AAWCC (American Association FOR [not of, men are very much welcome] Women in Community Colleges) chapter at ICC of which I am now president-elect.

I am not sure what the change is exactly.   Maybe something is different in how I am experiencing things.  I just feel blessed to have great co-workers.  I may be paid thousands per year less than industry standard.  I may be under-appreciated because libraries and their staff tend to be under-appreciated, but I am happy to have a job and to see new and the same people everyday.  I get to problem solve and research.  I get to talk about books and the future of libraries.  I get to teach people about all the information available to them through the library.

Things are not perfect, I don't want you to believe they are, but I am just happy.  I very special kind of contentment happy.  I love being an advocate for good information and books.  I have great people to talk to everyday all of who are so very smart and talented.  I feel that my work ins finally making a difference around campus.

I am feeling more positive on the home front too.  D is a challenge, but a good one.  Her potty issues continue to plague us.  My heart breaks for her because I know her tummy has to hurt constantly.  But here are small victories too.  Adam may travel a lot (70 nights gone so far this year), but I am getting used to it and starting to enjoy some alone time too.  My running has been plagued, but I am okay with that.  If I have to walk part of my half-marathon next month, I will make peace with that.  We spent many weekends visiting family in Iowa which was very nice, but it has left me wanting to be a homebody for a while and work around the house. My to-do, to-knit and to-read list keeps getting longer, but I am happy.

This happiness is bound to come with annoying side-effects so, I apologize to my friends and family that will so kindly put-up with my craziness.

I hope this happiness puts an end to my complaining streak, but complaining does make me happy so we'll see where this road goes.

Happy new school year to you all.  I hope you find it full of promise.

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  1. Glad your morale is up! Professional development and community learning usually does that for me! Hope the feeling lasts, friend!