Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Unfortunate, Fortunate Day

My sweet, little D has a cold.  I'm not sure why I should describe her as sweet or little, she is neither, but when sick, all ornery and large children become sweet and little.

I took D to school on Monday with the cold, but after a miserable evening on Monday and hard-to-awaken girl (harder than usual any way) on Tuesday, we stayed home for the day.

It is most unfortunate to have a sick kid.  Especially when there is nothing I can do for her.  I gave her cold medicine and rubbed Vick's on her chest, but there really was nothing I could do to make her feel all better.  We watched Netflix and rested.  I made her an omelet per her request.

When D was comfortable,  I got to listen to my audio book and crochet on the blanket I am making for the new niece.  This was actually pretty fortunate.  On Monday I was no where near finishing the book for my YA for Adults book club at the public library on Tuesday night and I had only one repeat in the afghan. By Tuesday afternoon, I had finished the book and am 2/3 complete with the baby blanket.

I am using the Encore yarn that I had purchased to make myself a cardigan, but it seems silly to knit a cardi when I am pregnant and really don't know what size I will be next winter.  I didn't have too much trouble loosing baby weight the first time, but I just don't know about the second time.  I hope it will come off, I am much more active now, but also older and I hear baby weight gets harder to loose after each pregnancy.  I am trying to stay realistic, but optimistic.  Just not optimistic enough to make a sweater, yet.

The yarn is lovely and the pattern is a happy, rhythmic repeat.

With my bit of unfortunate, fortunate luck, I should be able to finish this up and get a hat done in time to visit the new niece this weekend.  That is, if we are all well.  Another unfortunate part of a sick kid is that she can spread her germs to you, especially when you snuggle with her and let her sleep on your lap. So as it goes, I have a cold, as of the middle-of-the-night.

It seems this is a pregnancy of illness.  This is my second cold in as many months.  At least it is not the flu.  Thank goodness!!! That is pretty fortunate.

Have you ever had an unfortunate, fortunate day? Or maybe a fortunate, unfortunate day? That is usually how my days go.

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  1. Don't ever get Stephen started on "Fortunately/Unfortunately." Apparently, he was quite the king of producing little books like this in elementary school, and he can go on forever.