Monday, November 12, 2012


I ran a 5k on Saturday.  It was nice to only run 3 miles, but I was also stressed because this race was on "home" turf.  My employer held their first race, Run 101 with 5k and 15k options.  I knew a lot of people at this race. In fact, I knew a majority of  the runners, and I wanted to beat them.

I placed 3rd in my age group and 27th overall!  I thought I would place because of the small number of runners, but I wasn't sure.  It feels pretty good to be 3rd best in 20-29 y/o females.

I barely had time to get home and shower after the race before my in-laws showed up.  They came to take down a dead tree in our backyard and to haul the wood away.  I am so thankful for their visit!  (Especially since on Sunday it was so windy the tree could have lost more branches and caused some major damage on our house or out neighbor's.)

While everyone was hard at work with the tree,  I got to sneak away to my favorite store, The Fiber Universe.  It was their 1 year anniversary.  I had to celebrate with a bit of shopping and knitting.

I have good knitted things to show you later this week!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Sat. we took my outside flowers that had been in the 3 season room, down to the basement and hooked up a light to come on for them during the day. Sunday we went to Rita's and helped her redesign her kit. Took our the doorway frame between the kitchen and washroom and Marlyn will put sheetrock and plastic corners on when she gets the corners. Also moved the refrig close to the stove. She is getting new cupboards eventually. Marlyn also did some work in her basement replacing ceiling blocks and making a bar counter by her fireplace. Woke up to a cover of snow. Enough to have to shovel the steps and sidewalk.