Monday, November 19, 2012

New Adventures

We had a great weekend.  We had nothing planned.  No one was coming to visit.  Just a weekend.

My husband decided it was time he cleaned out all his old teaching stuff from the attic.  You know, since he hasn't been a teacher since we moved to Peoria and never wants to be a teacher ever again.  We now have lots of space in the attic for...more junk?

He also decided it as time to clean out D's room and rearrange it for her new bed.

He made her this bed last month.

I am not the only crafty one in this family.

The problem with this bed is that it takes up a lot of room.  We need to figure out how to get her dresser and bookshelves back in.  Oh and all the toys.  So many, many toys.  This girl may be spoiled.

Besides all this hard work, I got tons of knitting done and finished several Christmas gifts. 

Today, I am off work again because I had to take D to the hospital for an out-patient procedure.  They needed to test her pooping muscles and see if she had anything wrong that is causing her constipation woes. 

Luckily, the test went well and there is nothing physically wrong with her, she just uses her muscles wrong and so can not fully void her bowels.  She will need physical therapy but she should get better.  I am so thankful she will get better without surgery.

Because today is a special day, D dressed herself.

She does have a very unique sense of style.  All the hospital staff loved it.


  1. That is a very cool bed! Are there storage shelves under the stairs for games and things? or...Toys? ;)
    Glad to hear her test went well today!

    1. Yes, there is storage. We are keeping her extra bedding there. Maybe some toys later.