Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Loose Knitter

Recently I developed a problem, I knit a bit too loosely.  I am not sure how it came to this.  I used to knit near to gauge or down just one needle size.  Then over the past summer, it was two needle sizes.  Now this fall, going down two needle sizes is not enough.

This is Calorimetry, an ear warmer pattern.

Image by Kathryn Schoendorf on Raverly

Great pattern, super easy to remember the turns and count.  No stupid flower on top.

I used the best yarn ever.  New to The Fiber Universe last week was Malabrigo Worsted!!! This might be my new favorite yarn.  Gorgeous colorways and so soft.

This is Stonechat.  I got another color of the Malabrigo Worsted for another project.  I can barely wait to start.

I finished and then realized that normal people don't have the size head required for this thing.  Maybe Stewie Griffin or some other fictional character.

I went down two needle sizes. I swatched.  And yet, huge ear warmer.  Not suitable for a Christmas gift, as I had hoped.

So I frogged it. I am pretty proud of myself for frogging it (or ripping it all our to the layperson.)  It takes a lot to get to the point in your knitting journey to get to where you will just rip out hours and hours of work instead of rationalizing that the item is fine (when it is obviously not).  It is now a ball of wool waiting for me to try again.

I need to figure out this loose knitting problem.  The socks I spent much of this year knitting and then hiding away only to knit again, also turned out to be a bit loose even through I swatched.  The swatches are lying to me!!! Or maybe I can't count right.  I might need to start holding the tension in my yarn differntly.  Or maybe I am doomed to keep going down and down in needle size.

Any suggestions?

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