Friday, September 20, 2013


I like challenges.  There is just something deep within me that craves a challenge.  Not a crazy challenge like "I bet you can't eat all these pickles in 1 minute," but a challenge that I some how deem helpful for my life, in promoting its goodness.  Challenge pervades everything I do.  Despite popular belief, being a librarian at a community college is a huge challenge.  Being a mom of two and working full-time with a husband that travels is a challenge. Being a runner is a challenge. I make reading goals to add challenges.  Overall, I like the feeling of accomplishment and accomplishment is all that much sweeter with a harder challenge.

So as I have mentioned before, I like a knitting challenge too.  I love knit-a longs.  Right now, I am working on an all-year knit-a-long.  This knit-a-long is knitting a monthly square to then become a blanket, it is called Building Blocks.  I am so good a knitting squares.  I can knit circles around squares.  If anyone asked me what I am best at in knitting, it is making square things.  This challenge is right up my alley. Each block/square is designed to develop a new knitting skill.  I have to say that the skills are not new for me, but I am using them in new ways and honing my skills (double plus).

Due to my pregnancy hand issue, I was not able to knit for a few months, so I am a bit behind. However, since Stormy was born I have finished three or four blocks bringing my total to 7. I just started block #8 which only puts me only one square/month behind.  I am sure with football season upon us I can get #8 and #9 completed this month maybe even get ahead and start #10.  Just another challenge to make thing more interesting.

What are your feelings on a challenge?

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  1. Everything in this post=why I love you

    I feel like challenge is a must in my life. I don't really value things unless I had to work for them. I do sometimes "set myself upon a course of improving reading" like a heroine in a nineteenth-century novel.