Friday, September 13, 2013


I am finding that being a working mother of two is all about routine.  Every morning we go through the same steps and every evening another set.  Being the giant nerd I am, I have even created a list of everything to to in the morning and at night so I don't forget anything.

The do-to list has included blogging, but I never got around to it.  Loving my children, feeding the family, getting kindergarten homework done, washing diapers and washing bottles are all far more important than blogging.  But now as I am getting used to the new routine and have have made it through my second week of being back to work, I have a bit of time to write.

I have been knitting!  It is pretty glorious.  Let me say it again, I have been knitting. It feels so good.  As you may recall, I had to stop knitting because I lost feeling in my hands due to swelling in pregnancy.  It took several weeks after little/big Stormy was born, but I have feeling in all my fingers!  That is great news for typing, knitting and just about everything really.

In one week I made this little cardigan for Stormy's baptism.

Finding baptism clothes is really hard.  Finding inexpensive baptism clothes even harder.  We saw things for sale between $55-80.  So much cheaper for me to knit a keepsake.

The pattern is Baby Boy 5-Hour Sweater.  I did not time myself knitting this, but I think it took about five hours total, but over the period of a week.  Caring for a baby takes up a lot of time. I used Read Heart Soft yarn.  I usually don't use this yarn, but I needed something durable like this 100% acrylic yarn.  Stormy is a bit of a spitter.  Okay so saying "a bit" is an understatement, the kid spits up constantly.  I needed something I could wash and wouldn't stain so easily.

Here he is on baptism day.

During the baptism he only spit up three times.  Such a good little baby.


  1. And none of those times were on me! This makes vampire godmothers very happy.

    1. Very lucky woman! He mostly just got it all over the sweater.