Friday, September 27, 2013


Last weekend I went to my first yarn tasting.  My parents were visiting and my mom came along.  My dad just wanted to know if the yarn tasted good. Oh, it was.

A yarn tasting is a lot like the cake tasting a bride does to pick out her wedding cake.  A yarn tasting is an event where you can try out different yarns in hopes the you will fall in love and buy some.

Well, I fell in love with this:

This yarn is called Chord and it is by Good For Ewe.  I got to talk with the owner/creator of Good For Ewe too.  It was a great time.

I wasn't planning on falling in love.  You never plan things like that.  Love just happens.  Yarn love happens often, maybe too often.  It is hard to go in a yarn store and not be in at least lust with a yarn or two. Knitters tend to be yarn hoarders. (Don't tell my husband, but he probably knows, it is hard to store it all.)

I only bought two balls, I think that is pretty good. They are very small and I have great plans. It is my first chain-plyed yarn.

I am so excited to get knitting on this, but first the blocks.

What do you fall in love with every time you enter a store?


  1. I think you might be a serial yarn lover, Michelle. ;-)

    Office supplies. I am a sucker for a pretty binder.

    1. I think there are worse things to be.

      I love pens. I have a million pens.