Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TVD + Yarn

Do you watch The Vampire Diaries?  No?  I do.  I love it.  I randomly picked it out on Netflix earlier this year and got hooked.  I quickly watched the first two season and then all summer I had to wait for the next season to become available.  Season three just became available last week and I had to watch the whole season before season four starts on October 11.  So naturally, I just finished a three day bender of watching all 22 episodes of the third season.  I am discovering that the CM is like YA books on TV.  Love it!

Image via TVD's Pinterest

It was an amazing season--lots of action and unexpected plot twists.  I cried through most of episodes 21 and 22. Why am I so emotionally attached to fantasy characters?  Nothing that happens in any episode could possibly ever be true, but I still feel emotionally attached.  Worried. Gripped.  Maybe it is because I always hoped for supernatural things as a child and never really grew out of that.

Also, I have to admit, I love a love triangle.  I am rooting for Damon because he is much more interesting, amazing and of course attractive.  Ian Somerhalder is amazing!  Who wouldn't root for him as Damon, even if he is technically playing a villain.

Image via Wikipedia

Such a good looking man and I love his acting.  My inner-14-year-old-girl wants posters of him all over my bedroom.  I was am so crushed that his character Damon and Elena (played by Nina Dobrev) are not a couple (yet????) in TVD.  But I found out, in real life, they are a couple and that makes me happy. I rooting for you Ian and Nina!  

The librarian in me thinks I need to read the books the series is based on (The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith), but I am not sure.  I have so much to read as it is.  I think I will just love the show for what it is for now, but I have suspicion I will end up reading the books.

With my watching bender comes a whole host of finished objects.  I crocheted two baby blankets.  Knitted a few baby bibs and finished another Waldo stocking. Not too shabby.  More to to share with you all throughout the week.

Who is your TV heart-throb? Any other great shows I should be watching?


  1. Big Bang Theory for laughs. My sons got me started with it and now I am taping any that come my way. Some nights I laugh so hard I almost wake the hubby up.

    1. I love Big Bang Theory and have watched it from the beginning. I love nerds. I love that is it now syndicated and can watch tons of re-runs.