Saturday, September 8, 2012

Things I Should Know

Today I ran my last really long run (10 miles) before my half marathon race in two weeks.  This is my third time training for a half marathon, but I think this is my worst go at it.  I just can't get a rhythm.  I am not finishing the whole distance I planned to cover or not running at all.  I feel just so pitiful.

Anyway by now I should really know some things about running.  I read three running magazines. I read running books.  I follow professional runners on Facebook and Twitter.  I have friends that are runners.  I would think I would not set myself up for pain and bad runs.  But I do.

First mistake: I slept in instead of getting a good, cool start.  It was actually nice to sleep.  I couldn't get the run in early because  my husband told me last night that he had an eye doctor appointment in the morning so that nixed my plans for an early run.

Second mistake: I went with my family to the farmer's market and then to Five Guys for lunch...followed by going to Berry Cherry for frozen yogurt.  Bad idea for running.  Such a bad idea.  I usually have to run on an empty/nearly empty stomach to not get sick. A giant burger, fries and frozen yogurt is the opposite of a empty stomach.

Third mistake: landscaping- well this actually happened first since it happened yesterday.  I volunteered with my employer to go to the United Way Day of Caring.  The ICC group went to the Urban League to paint and landscape.  I may have over done it with the weeding and mulching because my hamstrings are so, so sore today.

There is a whole host of other mistakes I have made today and in the past few days, but they all led to a pretty un-stellar run today. 1:40-10 minute miles. I felt horrible and sore and I still feel that way a few hours later. But I finished.  I am running the Pumpkin Classic 10k next weekend and the QC Half Marathon the following.  And then maybe I can rest a bit.

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