Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Matchy Sweater Complete

I finished D's sweater that "matches" mine.

It just barely fits her.  I think it should last through most of this winter.  She is growing so fast.  She isn't even 4 1/2 yet and wearing size 6 or 6x clothes.  We even bought one pair of size 7 jeans just to be prepared (and they were awesome stone wash purple jeans.).

The weather looks to be on a cooling trend this week, but it will be awhile before it is sweater season.  I have made three sweaters in the past two months and I have weeks to wait until sweater season.  I just doesn't seem fair.

Are you looking forward to a fall cool down?


  1. Looks very pretty on her and fits well! Good work!

  2. I am looking forward to not having to take an extra ten minutes in the morning to make sure my entire body is covered in sunscreen. I can't wait for fall weather...not ready for winter, but bring on fall!

  3. I can hardly wait for sweater weather! Love the little sweater!