Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Yarn

I am a bit behind in my crafting.  I had a three day weekend and didn't knit a stitch.  I was a bit busy with everything else going on.  That's life.

About mid-March I did finish a yarn.

I got this fiber at The Fiber Universe.  I believe it is hand dyed.  I think it is superwash merino but that sounds wrong since it is hand dyed, maybe just 100% merino.  I forgot to save the tag and it was months ago.

I started this forever ago, but with the baby bump, spinning is a bit more difficult.  I am just glad I finished it.  It is a very thick and thin yarn.  I apparently had very thin ideas when I started spinning it months ago and then when I picked it back up again, I had thicker ideas.

Still the results are pretty and I will make it into something some day....


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