Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Sign of Too Much Knitting

I started two new knitting projects over the weekend.  But it all started with a small mishap.

The tip of my US 5 needles broke in the first few rows of my new knitting item (details forthcoming).  These are a part of my interchangeable Knit Picks Harmony set.  A very inauspicious start to something I was supposed to start a few weeks ago.

It just seems that as soon as I start something, another something goes wrong.  We buy a van and the same week our basement floods. Life just seems to be a roller coaster some times.  When things are looking up there comes a twist.

Ups and downs make life hard, but it also makes life interesting and fun.   You don't know your ups without your downs. 

Knitting has always been, in my opinion and I am sure many other's, a great metaphor for life.  Knitting has ups and downs, challenges and easy spots.  The challenges keep knitting interesting and fun.  Plus you learn so much from the challenging knitting that soon you are ready to take on a bigger challenge and things you found to be hard at one point are a bit easier now.  Then again, every once in awhile you just crave the easy pattern with the mindless knitting. (I am working on one of those projects too.) 

What's nice about knitting is that you get to choose what you knit, with life patterns you don't always get to pick.  Knitting helps me deal with the ups and downs life sometimes chooses for me.  It keeps me sane because I can control my knitting and choose projects based on how the rest of my life is going. (Well for the most part I can control my knitting. Sometimes knitting does not behave, but the majority of the time I can control some aspects of knitting. You knitters understand.)

Luckily with this down, I had another needle set the same size.  I was able to continue on knitting and learn a new skill, intarsia.You just never know what is going to happen, so it helps to be prepared.

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