Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Finisher, part 1

I am a Half Marathon Finisher.  Over the weekend, I drove to Nashville (about 7.5 hours away), met up with several different groups of friends, ran 13.1 miles and the drove back home.

Traveling to Nashville was an usual experience.  I had never made the trip alone before.  I have been in teh car many, many times on the stretch of road to Nashville from the 5 years that we lived there.  However, I had never traveled alone to the city.  I was pretty nervous about it.  I am not a person who likes to drive a lot.  My husband drives almost exclusively when we travel together; whether to church, the grocery store or many hours away.  I was solo on this trip and it actually made the trip more enjoyable.  I did not have to ask to pull over to eat or go to the bathroom.  I got to listen to my book on CD the whole time.  I did not have to entertain a small child.  It was nice.

Coming in from I-24 there is a bend in the road, around that curve is the Nashville skyline.  I cried when I saw it.  I have a lot of emotions tied up in this city.  It is where my husband and I first lived after getting married.  It is where I was pregnant and delivered my child.  It is where I went to school, started working in libraries and made some of the greatest friends.  It is where I bought my first house, and sold it.  I had to leave Nashville very quickly when I got my current job.  I had very little closure with leaving my friends and the city.

This trip was really needed just for the closure part.  I got to see friends again and say a proper goodbye and and "I'll see you again".  When I moved to Peoria, I never thought I would see them again, now I have, so I know I will see them again.  I drove by my old house and teared up as I got close to it.  Then, I saw it and realized it is not my house any more.  Sure I have memories to that house, but that house is not mine anymore.  It feels great to really realize that.

The reason for my trip was to run a half marathon but I got so much more.  More on the actual running next time.

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