Thursday, July 28, 2011


I make lists.  It is how I get things done.  Without lists I would not know what to do next.  I just think so much and I can't turn my brain off so I survive by making lists.

I have several on-going to-do lists at work.  I have a long range list, a monthly list and a weekly list.  Sometimes I even have daily to-do lists or post-its. (I never realized how beneficial post-its were before becoming a librarian.) Yesterday, I completed my to do for the week list and several things off of the monthly list.  It was pretty amazing considering I was not feeling the greatest and that the list was pretty daunting. 

Last night, I made a near impossible to-do list.  It required me to get my car's oil changed, repair jewelry, sweep, vacuum, put away a lot of clothes, got to the library, do mounds of dishes and various other things.  It seemed overwhelming.  As I started to do and complete each task, I realized that it was do-able.  I in fact finished with everything by 9:15 and then continued to go lay in bed and look at my new knitting books for the library.  I am so happy.  My house is mostly clean, things I had been putting off for weeks (or months)  I finally got done.  I was also very blessed to have my husband watch my daughter while I accomplished most of my tasks.  I did have her along for the oil change; that was an adventure.

In both cases, I found that I have wasted more time thinking about how I have not got around to doing something then actually doing the thing.  Like blogging.  I set this blog up years ago with the hopes of blogging about great things in my life.  Instead, I thought about blogging but never got around to do it.  So here's hoping to doing and not thinking.

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