Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This Post is Brought to You By the Letter "D"

I am at a disadvantage.  Stormy says "da."  Yes, "da" not "ma."  It is how it goes with babies; they make "da" sounds first.  But then I got to thinking, Stormy's daddy is "Dada,"  his sister is "DeeDee" and his sitter is "Di."  I am the odd one out with "Ma."  I nurse him, wash his diapers and make his baby food.  I wake up with him at 2 am.  I knit him adorable hats (though he seems to hate hats) and sweaters.  I love him with my whole heart, but the "Ds" have it.  But I know, one day soon he will say "mamamama" and then he won't stop saying it.  

We in Central Illinois are on another snow day. We got about 5 inches of snow over night.  That is in addition to the 6-7" we got over the weekend.  This winter is the snowiest and coldest in recent memory, but I love snow.  Something about the pure whiteness is so beautiful.  And like knitting and so many other things in life, snow is a reminder that tiny little things do add up over time and can make a big difference. I also like that I work at a community college that has snow days. 

This makes 4 snow days in 2014.  This however might be the first snow day I enjoy this year.  I am using the term "enjoy" loosely here because my plans are to clean the house and get organized.  I have tons of laundry to do as well.  Then, I want to organize my knitting stash and take pictures of all the amazing things I made in January.  I was a knitting machine in January and blogged nothing.  I either have time to do stuff or write about doing stuff most days so I choose doing stuff.

How do you spend your snow days?

Once I get things organized I am going to work on getting a little someone to go "ma."

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