Monday, July 1, 2013

Most Magical Day

Today is the day I have been aiming for.  It is July 1st which puts me at 37 weeks pregnant, technically full term and in the same calendar month as my official due date.  My baby could be born any time now without much issue and I am ready.  I am 49" around; that is over 4 feet.  I am not sure anyone should every be that round.  I wasn't sure I'd make it this far along with my huge belly.  I have polyhydramnios which means I have above normal levels of amniotic fluid.  Not super high, but high enough that I have to see a specialist.  I am really good having obscure pregnancy conditions.  With D it was thrombocytopenia, which is low platelets.  My platelets are on the low end this time too, but not in a range that is concerning.  My iron levels however are also low this time and I am taking nasty iron pills.  At least I got him to flip from transverse (sideways) to head down or else I would have had to have a version to try to move him.  Did I mention he is already much larger than D was at birth?

Despite my size (which is causing quite a bit of fatigue), I am getting some things done.

I finished his baby blanket a few weeks ago...

I really love it.  I had a small issue with the center unraveling when I washed it, but I sewed it all back together.  If anyone tries this pattern, I would suggest crocheting the first few rounds.

The pattern is Honeycomb by Nikki Van De Car and I used Knit Picks Comfy Worsted yarn in Creme Brulee. I really like how soft and washable the yarn is.

I am lucky I finished it when I did because the swelling in my hands continues.  I am actually getting used to having semi-numb hands and fingers, but I have no desire to knit or crochet and I have a long list of projects to do.  This is all part of the dull ache of "general pregnancy discomfort" as my midwife calls it.

I do have his room all ready and all his clothes washed.  My hospital bag and his are packed and in the van.  His car seat is installed.  We have officially decided on a name (to be revealed upon his birth). D is taking a big sister class on Sunday. Our cloth diaper rental is ordered. Things seem to be in order (have I ever mentioned I like order, librarian tend to love order).

Now all I need is some nesting to kick in so I can crazy clean this house.  Oh and for labor to start.  I am not looking forward to labor, but I really, really want to not be pregnant any more.

What are you looking forward to?

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