Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I am becoming a very bad blogger.  I keep forgetting to update.  I have been very busy with other end of the semester and Christmas things.

I did read this...

Don't let the quote by Sherman Alexie (author of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian) on the cover throw you off.  He writes "This is a SCARY funny book OR a FUNNY scary book. In either case it is a GREAT book.  I LOVE IT." Alexie is correct it is funny, but I am not sure it is "scary."  It is suspenseful, but nothing scared me.  Maybe I am desensitized or I just think Sherman Alexie loves his opinions.

A very interesting read; a guy finds out he is a necromancer after being protected from the paranormal world his whole life.  It is written through a male point-of-view and no heavy romance. I really needed this change.

Apparently, it is a series so now I need to read...

Everything in YA seems to be a series.  What are you feeling on series?  Are they getting out of hand?


  1. Sherman Alexie does love him some Sherman Alexie. It's easier to predict print runs and sales for series, so publishers like them. I will read a series all day long if it is good. The problem with a lot of series is that the quality has a tendency to:
    a. not be that great in the first place because the author is not in fact a real person
    b. drop off as they try to push them out faster and faster
    I love the title of the first book you listed, and I think the male perspective would be interesting.

    1. I totally read "Hold Me Closer, Necromancer" strictly for the cool title. It was also recommended by YALSA but the title got me. Plus I could sing it to "Tiny Dancer."

      I wasn't expecting it to be a series. It surprised me when it was. I do like a good series but it just adds to my reading list.

  2. I am noticing that many books in the YA, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Mystery genres are series. It does make for more difficult choices and longer reading list. What I want to try is read the first one or the second and then decide if I want to continue. I've read some of the Blue Balliett series (Calder Game, etc) and I've liked them.

    1. There are just so many to read, plus the books for my three book clubs.